Dream Retirement Masterclass

How to manage risk and create financial security so you can live your retirement without worry.
Take the anxiety and unknown out your retirement! 
In this free masterclass, we'll walk you through the 4 aspects of your retirement plan. This will give you a clear picture of where you are, highlight obstacles in your path, and uncover opportunities that will enable you to live your dream with a strong sense of financial security.

Worried about retirement?

Will you survive the next market correction? Do you want to reduce risk but still have the potential for good returns? What is the best way to create retirement income? How can you lower your tax burden?

There are countless sources telling you what to do to prepare for retirement—financial advisors, Google, your neighbor!—and they all say something different. Who do you trust? What should you do today to prepare for tomorrow?

It is overwhelming trying to wade through the flood of advice and decipher what you should and shouldn't do to best prepare for retirement.

We want to offer you clarity and security. 

You deserve answers that are right for your situation! And you can have financial security for life. No more feeling stuck, confused, or anxious. We're here to help you feel confident, secure, and excited about your retired future. 
With over 50 years of combined experience and thousands of success stories from clients just like you, we have created a simple, 4-step process that covers all aspects of your financial life, sweeps away the confusion and shows you a clear path for living your retirement dream.
Join the Dream Retirement Masterclass!


4 Aspects of Your Financial Life

Most financial plans today are nothing more than sales gimmicks to get you to buy a certain product or service. Your plan needs to be coordinated with all aspects of your financial life:

Tax planning

Cashflow management (including retirement income)

Investment positioning

Estate preservation

The key to financial security is having all aspects of your financial life coordinated and working together.
How? The Dream Retirement Masterclass will provides answers so you can unlock your dream retirement.

The Dream Retirement Masterclass will give you...


Uncover the hidden secrets to avoiding big losses, creating stable retirement income, and protecting your future.


You'll understand how to stay the course or make a change to realize your retirement dream, relieving yourself of anxiety and confusion.


You are not alone! Access a network of professionals with the resources, opportunities, and answers you need for your dream retirement.


With this approach, we've helped clients to...

...recover from a huge market crash by designing a new plan with potential growth and no risk of loss as well as provide a secure retirement income plan.

…leave a legacy of giving by putting previously taxable money into a family-controlled charity to keep the money untaxed and continue helping others.

…reveal where they were taking unnecessary risks and help them weed out the losers, adjust the risk level, and measure against a personal benchmark.

Not Concerned About Retirement? Or 
Already Have an Advisor?

Even if you're already prepared, it's still worthwhile to ask yourself: Has your current planning taken into account the lifestyle you really want as well as unexpected hurdles that may come along the way?
If you are simply hoping things will work out, that is not an effective plan. It is essential to plan for your dream and plan against the ups and downs that life may throw at you after retirement.  
Heaven forbid the market crashes, inflation rises, or your spouse passes early, but these are obstacles you need to prepare for. The transition to retirement requires a special skill set. The focus shifts from accumulation and growth to preservation and protection. Frankly, most advisors don’t make that shift.
Think of this Masterclass as a quick check-up on your retirement planning, giving you the time and resources to course correct if need be.


What's Different About Us?

Too many times in this industry, we've seen people taken advantage of by "experts" who don't have their clients' best interests at heart. 
We've seen retirements derailed and hopes crushed due to bad financial advice or inaccurate information, but no more. Not on our watch. 
We're independent fiduciaries with no hidden industry loyalties other than to our clients. 
We focus on a team approach;  we have created a network of honest professionals—CPAs, attorneys, money managers, finance experts, and more— to give you the scope of products, services, and knowledge to create and execute your dream retirement plan.
We look at your financial plan as a whole as well as all its moving parts and are passionate about helping people like you fulfill your retirement dreams. Never miss another great financial opportunity or stress over retirement again.
Our goal is to change the industry. Watch our Dream Retirement 101 webinar and see how.


Meet Bev & Michelle

With a combined 5+ decades of experience helping thousands of clients create their dream retirement, Bev & Michelle are experts in the industry. They thrive on developing quality relationships with their clients as well as specialists in other areas to help you really define what you want and how to get there. 
At the core of everything they do is their connection to God, and you can expect that to come through in their work. Honesty, integrity, personal growth... these are the things you can rely on when you work with Michelle & Bev.