4 Steps to your Dream Retirement

Free Video Course + Free Digital Book, 
“Creating Your Dream Retirement”
Take powerful steps toward your dream retirement when you define your vision, examine your obstacles, create a blueprint, and build a support team.

Do you often wonder whether you'll be okay in retirement?

You're not alone. Many of our clients come to us as they near retirement age because they are unsure of where they actually stand.

You're likely already saving something. You might have sources of income in place for those golden years. You may even have a financial services firm or professional helping you manage your assets. Why, then, do you feel so uneasy about it all? Because your current plan probably hasn't taken into account your specific needs and wants.

We have seen too many cases where retirees were ill-informed on what steps to be taking, and were then forced into postponing their retirement, living a different lifestyle than they'd dreamed of, or dealing with risk that doesn't match their personality.

Instead of pressuring you into a one-size-fits-all approach, we begin with the end in mind, then create a personalized blueprint to help you create your dream retirement. And this free video series is the first step.

In this course you will learn:

Our 4-step process for creating your dream retirement.

Whether you already have a team or not, this video course will help you cross-examine your current retirement plans, beginning with these 4 key questions:

What do you WANT?

What do you HAVE?

What do you NEED?

What will you DO?

As you explore these questions, you will uncover obstacles, create a retirement blueprint, and finally understand the specific action steps you need to take to reach your dream retirement!

With this approach, we've helped clients to...

..avert potential disaster by moving away from high-risk investments and an income that was only guaranteed for one spouse's lifetime.

..shift their assets and create income to bridge the gap on what they want for retirement income and what they have from Social Security and other sources.

...adjust their plans, sell their company, and retire three years earlier than they initially thought they would be able to.

You might be thinking "ah, we'll be fine..."

And you could be right! But do you know for sure? Has your current planning taken into account the lifestyle you really want? Do you know when you can retire? Do you know if you have enough?
These are your golden years we're talking about. Do you really want to leave them up to chance? Isn't it worth it to double (or triple) check?
Just like you go to a specialized physician when you have a specific problem (you won't see your family practice doc for a triple bypass!), retirement requires a special kind of financial expert. Think of this free video course as a specialist's check-up on your retirement planning, giving you the time and resources to course correct if need be. 

Meet Bev & Michelle

With a combined 5+ decades of experience helping thousands of clients create their dream retirement, Bev & Michelle are experts in the industry. They thrive on developing quality relationships with their clients as well as specialists in other areas to help you really define what you want and how to get there. 
At the core of everything they do is their connection to God, and you can expect that to come through in their work. Honesty, integrity, personal growth... these are the things you can rely on when you work with Michelle & Bev.